Day 1

First day of my spending fast went brilliantly. I did spend money, but before you say ‘I knew you couldn’t do it!’ or ‘blew it already!’, the money that I spent was on bus fare to Oxford to see a good friend from the Peace Corps who was in town. Once in town, I spent absolutely nothing.

I met my friend at Pembroke, where the college paid for a nice fry up (does Pembroke pity me? I’m ok with this) then we had a tour of the college, which is GORGEOUS. We then had a cup of tea at her house before taking a walk through the city on a sunny day. If you’ve never been to Oxford, go. Go now. It is one of the most beautiful cities that I have ever seen and I love nothing more than strolling through Christchurch meadows when the sun is out. Oh, and it’s free.

Normally, when I go to Oxford, I buy myself a cup of coffee and stroll through the shops, picking up a new dress from Gap or some new lipstick from Boots. Today I skipped the high street altogether and just walked around one of the many cities that I love. Terry has pointed out that this is most definitely the only time that I have ever gone to Oxford and not spent money.

Today was a success, but can I do it all over again tomorrow?

Total spent: £5.10


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