Day 2: Judgement Day

Day 2 and the first day I haven’t spent a dime. Not that I spend dimes in England, but still.

It’s Terry’s birthday today and we offered to have the family over to ours for dinner to save money, but his parents offered to take use out for Terry’s birthday present, to which we both agreed. Terry’s sister, knowing we’re cutting down on, well, everything, bought Terry a selection of beers. I bought Terry a movie while I was still allowed to spend money and, in frugal fashion, used a cash back voucher at Sainsburys to buy him his favourite candy – for nothing!

The Brits do not believe in doggy bags. Here, if you don’t eat your food, you just leave it. Unless you are me. I asked to have my pasta boxed up for lunch tomorrow and my brother in law said ‘God, you are poor, aren’t you?’ Terry and I make plenty of money, we’re just in the bad habit of spending it all and we need to pay off our debts. Most have been supportive, but this comment stung.

In other news, Terry’s £100 pound budget, after a meal out with friends last night and applying for his shot gun license has shrunk to a measly £5, so we’re basically in this together for the first month.

Misery loves company.


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