5 (Free!) Things That I Learned at My NQT Conference

1. I am not the only NQT who feels overworked, constantly stressed and the occasional hatred of children
2. I am the only one who has said crap in front of children. The others, being British, already knew that that word was offensive in this country. Oops.
3. My current workload is not sustainable and I need to think about how I can change it to make it sustainable.
4. The session on Money Matters confirmed that I need to pay off my debts and start to save. They didn’t recommend such extreme measures as I am taking, but I’m nothing if not eccentric.
5. Students retain more information when they teach things to others. I am looking forward to trying out the activities we did in session with my classes.

The conference was amazing and I took a lot away from it. I am hoping to start the week off on a positive note and make some changes that will help me survive my NQT year and possibly stay sane.


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