Lazy Sundays are, by design, free. Which is one of the things that makes them so glorious.

This morning I finished up some work (miserable, but free) and then spent the afternoon planting some seeds in the garden (lovely, also free). With any luck, soon we will have the beginnings of carrots, poppies, sunflowers, dill and coriander. In order to plant the seeds, Terry went and bought some gloves, compost and a hammer to fix our long broken fence for a grand total of £15. This puts him £10 over his budget for the month. He doesn’t feel guilty about this, but I do.

With my dill I intend to make my own dill pickles as I appear to have moved to a country that can’t, for the love of all that is holy, make dill pickles without adding sugar. Also, my grandma made her own pickles and I am looking forward to feeling closer to her as I follow her recipe.

photo credit: Joybot via photopin cc


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