Confession: I drink my feelings away. Not in whiskey, but in Frappucinos.

Today was a bad day at work. I have an amazing job dealing with children, but I see some really horrible home situations and today it reduced me to tears.

In a previous life (last month) I would have driven straight to Starbucks and bought myself a caramel Frappucino to drown my sorrows. Then I might have taken a walk around some shops to take my mind off of things. To distract myself. Without any money to spend I am forced to find new ways to deal with my emotions.

So today I came straight home from work and I cried. I didn’t avoid my emotions or put anything off, I just sat there and dealt with the sadness I was feeling. It wasn’t nice. I think I prefer avoiding my emotions. Thankfully, the hot chocolate with marshmallows did help a little.

How do you deal with your emotions?

photo credit: mixedbrunette via photopin cc


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