Today I spent money. And it was delicious.

In England all Year 10s (9th graders) go on a work experience placement in a local company. Teachers are required to visit students to make sure everything is ok. This afternoon I visited a student at an elementary school and then two who were at a local bakery.

Originally I signed up to visit the bakery intending to buy cakes. And then I stopped spending money. Both girls were really enjoying working in the bakery and their favourite project was making minion cookies. They then pulled out a tray of cookies that were also minions. Both good and bad minions.

These adorable minion cookies were three for £2.50 and now they are mine. Ok, ok, I bought a lemon tart, too, but it didn’t survive long enough to be photographed.

The weird thing is, I don’t feel guilty about spending money. There have been other times this month when the mere thought of buying something invoked feelings of guilt, but I love these cookies too much to feel bad about it.

I was so happy with my cookie purchase that I walked right past the charity shops and their temptation and drove straight home.

Total spent: £3.15


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