10 awesome things I did on holiday:

That’s right, I went on holiday while not spending any money. Originally, T and I had planned to visit friends in France and the Netherlands, before I stopped spending money, but then I Iost my residency permit and couldn’t leave the country anyways.

Terry had already taken the week off of work and decided to take me to the south of England for three days. We attempted to find Couchsurfers but didn’t have any luck, so we used a Groupon for a local bed and breakfast for £89, including cream tea.

We set ourselves a budget of £20 a day for food and fun and managed to only go over by £1 for a grand total of £151 for a three day vacation.

Here are some of the awesome things we did on our budget:
1. Visited Wells, Somerset where Hot Fuzz was filmed and had a pint in the pub used in the film (not free, but awesome!)
2. Met the local swans
3. Toured Dartmoor National Park
4. Met ponies in Dartmoor National Park
5. Went to Teignmouth and walked along the Great British Seaside
6. Took a free walking tour of Bath
7. Found a store with my name.
8. Had my first cream tea – which was free at our B&B
9. Had a picnic in Bath
10. Admired Bath Abbey

All free things, except #1.

It was a lovely and frugal three days.


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