A frugal Saturday at our house. Terry planting tomatoes and I painting frames.


£1864.85 paid off of Terry’s credit cards in three months. It’s a beautiful sight.

It’s Payday!!!!

Which means that we can figure out how much we paid off of our debts this month. This month was rough with unexpected car problems on both of our cars and both of us ended up with under £20 in our bank accounts at the end of the month – a first on the spending fast. However, we still haven’t used a credit card in three months 🙂

In spite of all of that:
Terry’s Credit Cards: £707.19
Mandi’s Student Loans: £683 ($1142.80)
May’s Grand Total: £1390.19

YTD: £4141.18

Oh the things I do to get out or work…

I have a lot of tee shirts that I’ve bought as souvenirs over the years and although I don’t wear them, I can’t bring myself to throw them out. While avoiding work yesterday I came across this idea and decided to give it a go using an old tee shirt and a pillow I had lying around to use as stuffing.

A fairly simple project ended up taking around 2 hours to complete thanks to my habit of starting a project and then reading the instructions to figure out what went wrong. Thank goodness for seam rippers.

At any rate, I’m pleased with the finished project. What do you think?

Inspired by a Pinterest recipe for homemade salt & vinegar chips, I convinced Terry to work a mandolin into our weekly grocery budget so I could make them.

When I got home, I was full of the inspiration that only comes before realizing that whatever the stupid image on Pinterest, yours could never possibly look the same. I opened the new mandolin and took off the ‘caution: sharp blade’ sticker. “Careful, it’s sharp” Terry warned me.

I was busily slicing beautifully even carrot slices to bake into chips when I accidentally took a sizeable chunk out of my thumb.

I blame all of this on Pinterest.

Birthdays and holidays are difficult when you’re not spending money. People often ask what I do about birthdays and the truth is, I never really know until the birthday arrives.

Today is my sister in law’s birthday. Terry and I decided that, as many of our friends now have children, what any parent might like is a day off, so we made this voucher for her birthday. My grandma used to tell me “if you can’t give your money, give your time.” She was discussing giving to the church but, as with many other things she taught me, this has stuck with me and it inspired this gift voucher.

My sister in law was thrilled with the gift and I’m happy that we were able to give her something that she will truly appreciate. And we get to spend some quality time with our awesome nephew. When we do, we’ll post some pictures.

I have a little bit of money on my Starbucks card that I have been waiting to use. Today is frappucino happy hour so Terry and I walked over to BV for the first time in months.

Not only were the frappucinos half price and delicious, 2 previous co-workers generously gave me their mark outs and so in that bag is not one, but TWO free bags of Starbucks coffee.

To make things even more frugally amazing, I’m wearing a dress that I scored for £1 at a jumble sale yesterday 🙂

That is a happy girl in that picture.