My Previous Overspending Lifestyle

Today I was looking at my student loan payments and even though I am managing to overpay by about $200 each month, I still feel completely overwhelmed by the amount of my debts when I really sit down and think about it.

To try and take my mind off of it, I began to organise the junk drawer. In my passport case, I found the amazing amount of receipts from Terry and my trip home to Nashville this past year. I saved the receipts so that I could sit down and total them up when I got home but, as I did so often in my previous overspending lifestyle, I just buried my hand even further in the sand and ignored it.

So I sat down, totalled them up and I am actually horrified. In two short weeks, Terry and I spent $1859.52. And that’s just what I have receipts for.

This consist of:
$148 at salons
$129.80 on school supplies
$30.20 on gas
$552.88 on clothing – only $86.93 of which was spent on Terry
$328.01 on food & eating out
$522.45 on toiletries
$98.34 on random things like souvenirs and Christmas crackers for the family

I remember sitting down with a friend on the first day of my year of no spending and admitting that I had no idea how Terry and I had fallen so far in debt. And I had spent $1860 while on vacation just weeks prior.

I should highlight that this was by no means normal spending for me, it’s just that every time I go home to America I get so excited I just buy everything I can. And then buy a few extras just in case I run out before I get a chance to go back and buy some more.

As I think about this, I am equally ashamed that I was allowing myself to make such poor decisions and relieved/proud that I am no longer allowing tips to happen and that I am doing something about it.

Never again will I spend money so carelessly.


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