For the 4th of July weekend, Terry and I headed south to France to visit some friends who were visiting from America

We spent the weekend in Picardy, where I was able to visit my favorite cathedral (the most beautiful in France), visit some battlefields and cemeteries commemorating the Battle of the Somme and just spend some time catching up. And it was glorious.

We ended up spending over £200 – almost entirely on food – and we didn’t say no to things the way we normally do. We had beer and wine when we went out – oh, and we went out.

I was a little anxious about spending money on the trip, but Terry and I are doing this whole thing not only to save money, but to save money so that we can spend it on the things the truly matter. And what matters to me is spending time with family and friends.

This weekend was amazing and it was worth every Euro cent.


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