I left at 4:30 Monday morning to chaperone 43 students on a school trip to Normandy. Although as exhausting as one would imagine, highlights included visiting the D-Day beaches and museums, visiting a biscuit shop and making our own cookies – and then buying a lot more of said cookies, visiting Mont St Michel, having the girls design their own couture dresses out of trash bags and a karaoke night so bad it was good.

The girls were lovely and had a really good time. Most of them overcame their nerves and tried out their French in cafés and shops and were really pleased with themselves.

This trip was not devoid of excitement. As the registered first aided on the trip, I had to deal with a student having a fit – which was terrifying but the student was fine. I would also like to give a shoutout to the random French store owner who sold a 16 year old a bottle of wine that we discovered just shy of customs.

We got back last night at one AM and I classify the entire trip as an exhausting but rewarding success.

As a chaperone, the school paid all of my expenses, so I could have spent nothing at all. However, I did splurge and buy a box of the biscuits we got to make and a box of Bordeaux wine for a total of 34€ – see the last picture. I know that it goes against my year of spending money, but I don’t actually have any regrets. I spent a moderate amount of money on two products that were significantly cheaper in France than the UK and which will provide me with lovely reminders of a lovely trip.

**I much prefer Nicole’s logic, that I just picked up some groceries in France and it fits perfectly into my grocery budget 🙂


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