Birthday Fun

Again, thank you to everyone for the kind birthday wishes – I had a wonderful day. What did I do on my no spend birthday? I spent money! Well, technically Terry spent money on me, but it was a wonderful change of pace from our recent frugal lifestyle.

We walked over to Starbucks in the morning for a special treat and then walked around Bicester Village shopping for two hours – not spending money, just shopping. I don’t go into shops often, but the weather was so lovely and it was a nice walk and I just love looking at gorgeous things. I know they say you should avoid shops at all costs when not spending money, but every once in awhile I just can’t help myself and take a quick peek in to see what I’m missing. In the first two months, this led to a meltdown or two where I just wanted everything so desperately and felt sorry for myself for not being able to have it. These days, I walk into a shop, I think Ooh! That’s nice! and remind myself that if I work hard and pay off all of my debts, I can come back to the shop and buy whatever I want with cash. I find this very motivational. I know it won’t work for everyone, but it works for me and gives me a nice kick in the pants to keep going so that I can be where I want to be. I got a free hand massage at l’Occitane – just for asking, which was also a nice treat.

We went home where Terry cooked me a nice lunch and then we went to the movie theatre that opened in Bicester last year that we still hadn’t been to and watch a matinee performance of the new Transformers movie. I don’t go to the theatre often – obviously – but when I do, I love to watch action films. This one was jam packed and incredible. Sure the plot got a little muddled here and there, but there was plenty of action to take your mind off of it. 

After the movie, we went back to Starbucks to use our treat receipts from the morning – two Starbucks in one day!!! Then we met Terry’s family at an American diner in town for a birthday meal. The food was good, the conversation was fun and we left in high spirits. 

I got some lovely presents on my birthday – for which I am grateful. Terry, anticipating the whining that would come every month, gave me a gift Birchbox subscription to get me through the end of my year of no spending. (Can you hear the angels singing?) Terry’s parents gave me cash – but made me promise not to put it towards my debts. If they hadn’t said that, that’s exactly what I would have done with it. That’s what I do with all spare money these days. I’m really excited to have some spare cash – but what am I going to do with it? In the past, any money received would automatically go towards something I had my eye on. Those new shoes I just saw, that dress that I had just tried on, the new eyeshadow palette that I had read about in a magazine. But now, nothing springs to mind. This is new territory for me and I am really looking forward to spending the money on myself and finding something really special. 


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