That Payday Feeling

Do you feel like this on payday? photo credit: juleswrules via photopin cc

Ahh, payday. You wake up in the morning, check your bank account and feel a glimmer of hope that all is well in the world. Then come the bills and by the end of the day you don’t even feel like you got paid any money at all. 

I got paid today. Immediately, 70% of my paycheck went towards our debts and bills. 10% went into savings, leaving me with the rest to try and be able to put towards Terry’s credit cards at the end of the month. Normally this money goes on gas to get to school, but as it’s summer vacation, I can hopefully put this towards our debts instead. I have very little money that is unaccounted for in our new budget. I know I don’t need any spending money, so I don’t give myself any. 

Oddly, even though I don’t really have any money left over after payday, I no longer feel broke. I know my money is going to help us be debt free and every month helps us get closer to our goal. How do you feel on payday? 


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