Today I Made Things

Today was a crafty day. On my list of things to do this week, I wanted to finish all of the gifts for my nieces and nephews upcoming birthdays. I originally found this DIY kitty tee shirt on Pinterest and wanted to make it for my niece. I already had a cute tee shirt, and this is the finished product:

Ninja giving the shirt his seal of approval by sleeping on it. This is the highest Ninja honor awarded to any household item.

Total cost:

Tee-shirt: 25p

While on the same blog, I found this super cute bear tee shirt. My nephew is nicknamed Joe Bear, so I just had to make it for his upcoming birthday party. I broke into our change jar to get the £2.39 for the fabric paint, and purchased the shirts from Sainsburys, fitting them into our weekly grocery shop.

I painted the outline of the bear first
Finished product for Joe Bear

Total cost:

Paint: £2.39

Shirt: £1.15

While going through my wardrobe for my 4 Weeks to a More Organized Home Challenge today, I found a tank top that I put into my To Be Crafted pile. Upon seeing how incredibly cute my niece’s kitty shirt was, I decided to make my own using the aforementioned tank top.

Ninja modeling for the shirt
Finished product

And so, after approximately 5 hours of making, here is what I made today:

What do y’all think?

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