Thrifty Gift Ideas

I’ve posted before that birthdays and holidays are difficult when you’re not spending any money. I love my nieces and nephews and had to get seriously creative to make some amazing presents that they will love. I’ve posted about most of these, but here is a round up of my thrifty gift ideas for kids:

For my 5 year old niece I made a Dora the Explorer coloring book using free Dora the Explorer coloring pages online. I know my sister and her husband are keen for my niece to learn Spanish, and I’m looking forward to helping her complete this fun coloring book.


For my three month old nephew, I made some stuffed blocks using this tutorial and some scraps of fabric that I had.

So cuddly!
Ninja is sad that these toys are not for him

For my two year old nephew, I made him a shirt using some fabric paint and a basic white polo shirt. Find out how to make your own here


For my two year old niece, I made a kitty tee shirt using this tutorial. I also made her a doll which, although originally intended for children, consumed 5 hours of my adult life. Le sigh. At least it turned out ok.
20140804-120218-43338092.jpgWhile cleaning up, I tied some scraps of fabric onto one of Ninja’s cat toys so that he too could enjoy a thrifty gift. He is currently occupied trying to destroy it.

20140804-113921-41961778.jpgDo you have any other thrifty gift ideas? Please share as I’ll do this all again next year 🙂


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