photo credit: Steve A Johnson via photopin cc

Today I leave for my beloved America. ‘Wait – how can you go to America if you aren’t spending money?’ you ask. Rightly so. When we first started this year, it was decided that we couldn’t afford my annual trip to America because we needed to pay off this debt. Then we realized that Terry had enough Airmiles for a roundtrip ticket to Nashville and, with a huge sigh of relief – we booked a trip for me to go home this summer. 

And so I am packed and ready to spend two amazing weeks with my amazing family. While spending as little money as possible. Any immigrant knows that it is impossible to return to one’s home country without stocking up on items that are considered essential as they are unavailable or just stupidly expensive where they live. Here are my American essentials for this trip:

JIF peanut butter (anyone who doesn’t think that this is an essential has never tried UK peanut butter. Ewwww.)

Razors – they’re 1/3 the price in America

My favorite deodorant – Secret Clinical Strength is unavailable in the UK

Hershey’s kisses – my students love these


Butter London Gel Nail Polish – I do my own nails and this is half the price in the US

This is a SERIOUSLY paired down list compared to previous trips. We’ve cut out Country Time Lemonade, Advil, toiletries galore and the massive amounts of clothing shopping that I normally do when home. The fact that the pound is strong and EVERYTHING is cheaper in America helps to fuel my massive shopping habit. But this year things are different. This year I have budgeted £100 to cover my essentials and 1 meal out with the family, which is 1/10 of what I spent in two weeks last Christmas. 

Wish me luck and I shall try to keep y’all posted while I’m there. 


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