We Went to Ikea

I know, I know, Ikea is like Swedish crack and should be avoided at all costs when not spending money, but let me explain:

As you are aware, I am in the midst of completing a 4 Weeks to a More Organized Home Challenge and yesterday, Terry and I cleaned the area above our cupboards and had a go at sorting out our kitchen cupboards. While on Pinterest, I noticed these under shelf baskets:


 and I immediately knew that they could help Terry and I organize our tiny kitchen. Does anywhere in Bicester sell them? Of course not, but Ikea does. So we set off to Ikea to pick some up. We needed 3 at £3 each, so we had a budget of £9. But it’s Ikea, and you always find something that you didn’t realize you needed. We picked up a few boxes to get above our kitchen cupboard sorted, some straws to make some bunting

Thanks again Pinterest!

 and a floating shelf to help me get my purses organized in the bedroom for a total of £34. We paid cash and I feel pretty content with our purchases as they will all help us to organize and decorate our tiny home on a tiny budget. 

Our haul:


We put some extra dishes and cookbooks in the boxes to give us some more space in our cupboards and organize the storage. 

All you need to make the bunting are some colorful straws and string
Before: clean, but blah
After: colorful bunting and storage make me smile!

We also spent some time making bunting for the kitchen using this tutorial. It adds such a lovely pop of color and it took us approximately 30 minutes and cost under £2. The kitchen looks a lot brighter now! Thoughts?


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