Birchbox Day!

My September Birchbox arrived today! Y’all know I love my Birchboxes – especially since I stopped splurging on cosmetics. I love this month’s box and the theme – Happy Days. Here’s what I got this month:

My September Birchbox 🙂

1. It’s Potent eye cream by Benefit – this sample’s a small one, but it’s an excellent eye cream

2. Skin & Co Sicilian Light Serum – this serum isn’t enough to persaude me to ditch my Lancome Genefique, however this sample will help me get through this year without having to buy another one

3. ModelCo Powerlash mascara – Birchbox let subscribers choose between this and two different lip glosses and I leaned this way as I’m not really a lipgloss kinda gal. A few extra weeks of long lashes are definitely in store this month.

4. Urban Fruit dried mango – this is an excellent snack to take to work and should make my Monday a bit brighter. Lord knows Mondays need it this year

5. Agave Healing Oil Treatment – I don’t normally splurge on hair products, so I’m looking forward to trying out this hair oil

6. Beauty Blender – Birchbox sent these out a few months ago and I was GUTTED that I didn’t get one, so seeing this (which is worth £26 on it’s own) in the box was enough to make me jump up and down with excitement! Already tried it and know I finally get what everyone is always going on about.

Ninja’s having a happy day

As an extra in this month’s box, Birchbox threw in a lovely photo clip. I can’t wait to have a look through some old photos and pick one to put on my desk. This month’s box is also specially designed to be turned into a frame – so I’m looking forward to some fun DIY this month.



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