Kettle Conundrum

Our kettle died. More specifically, it took it’s own life and the power of the rest of the house while I was trying to boil water for mashed potatoes. I heard a pop, then smelled smoke and all of the power in the house was out. A most unfortunate way to go. Also, this kettle was a wedding present and I, personally, am taking this as a bad omen for our upcoming fifth anniversary. Hopefully our love doesn’t go up in smoke – sorry, couldn’t help myself. It was too pun-tastic to miss. 

For a split second, I thought ‘perhaps we shouldn’t but a new kettle as it’s not really a necessity,‘ then I realized that I live in England and am addicted to coffee, both of which put a kettle into the necessity bracket. So we had to buy a new kettle. We walked over to Sainsbury’s to check out the selection and, as we live in England, the choice of kettles was ridiculous. An entire aisle of electric kettles, ranging from £14-60. I immediately went for the cheapest  as it wouldn’t put too big of a dent in our budget – but it was ugly. Like, bright plastic red ugly. My finances may be improving this year, but my vanity is not.

So I spent almost half an hour eyeing up all of the kettles, trying to work out which was the least likely to die and which would offer the best value for money. Do I buy the cheapest because it’s cheap? Or do I buy a better quality kettle because I can? In the past – there would have been months where paying £20 for a new kettle would have been a stretch and it definitely would have gone on the credit card as there was never any extra money in the bank – but this year has changed that for us and we have enough money in our bank accounts to buy the most expensive kettle in cash if we wanted to. This is  a big change for us – and a positive one.

After a shameful amount of time deciding, we decided on a £30 – marked down from £40 – Russell Hobbs kettle for a few, simple reasons:

1. It was not bright red and/or plastic

2. We could afford to pay for it in cash

3. It was glass and we thought it would be cool to watch the water boil.


We were right, it is really cool to watch this thing in action. So now I can avoid worrying about paying for the kettle at the end of the month and/or (hopefully) our new kettle dying any time soon.


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