6 Awesome Free Things I Did This Weekend

Don’t be fooled into thinking that not spending any money at the weekends means life takes a turn for the worse. Sure, it takes some getting used to if your previous lifestyle involved spending lots of money at the weekends – like me – but seven months in I have learned to enjoy all things free. Here are six awesome things I did this weekend that didn’t involve spending any of my hard earned money:

1. Finally finished that book I started this summer. JK Rowling’s The Casual Vacancy has been sitting on my nightstand for ages and on Saturday morning I made myself a cup of coffee and stayed in bed until I finished it. I didn’t actually like the book overall, but now I can move onto one of the other books I’m dying to read. Next up: The Proposal by Tasmina Perry.

2. Baked my favorite Banana Oat muffins – that’s breakfast sorted for the week 🙂


3. Added up how much Terry and I have paid off of our debts during the month of October – a whopping £1428.93! – and colored in the Debt-O-Meter!

Over halfway there!!!

4. Made homemade chili from scratch using tomatoes picked from our garden – everyone’s right, homegrown tomatoes just taste better.

Freshly picked and ready to go!
Yummy chili!

5. Made homemade steak-frites and opened a bottle of cava to celebrate paying off nearly £10,000 in debt over these past seven months. The steak tasted especially delicious as – thanks to the miracle of reduced – the entire meal only cost £2.34

6. Caught up on my favorite TV. This week at work was crazy with parents evening and loads of marking, so I made time this weekend to catch up with John Stewart, Heidi Klum  and all of the other TV shows I didn’t have time to watch this week.

What was the best free part of your weekend?


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