Month 8 Totals

Although Terry died in September, the payments kept coming out until I could contact the companies to cancel his accounts. Although we only managed to pay the minimum due this month, it is the last month that Terry was able to contribute financially and so I am posting our Month 8 totals for October:

Terry’s Credit Card: £111.49

Mandi’s Car: £214.85

Mandi’s Student Loans: £336.87 ($538.84)

Month 8 Total: £663.21 ($1060.84)

YTD: £10,551.85/$16,878.21

Today hasn’t been happy adding all of that up although it has highlighted just how much extra Terry and I were able to pay off of our debts each month. With minimal effort, we were able to pay over £1,000 above the minimum payments each and every month, and we loved doing it. I tended to get really frustrated with our debt towards the middle of every month, but Terry was always there to cheer me on and carry me to the end of the month where, upon seeing how much we had paid off, I would feel better. Now I just feel sad thinking of what could have been.

I feel a strong desire to continue to pay off my debt and to be debt free as a way to honor the hard work that Terry and I put into it for those short seven months. It’s now a lot farther down the road than I had envisioned, but I can do it and I know that Terry is still cheering me on each and every day. He remains my biggest supporter and I know that he is proud of me and everything that I will achieve to become debt free in the future.


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