A Good Day

Today was a good day. I’m tempted to add as far as days without Terry gobut it would have been a good day even if Terry was still with me, so I won’t. Today a friend from Nashville and I went down to London to see the poppies that are currently on display at the Tower of London for Remembrance Day. Terry and I had talked about going but hadn’t managed to make it happen before he died. When asked if there was anything I wanted to do, this visit came to mind. Terry and I might not have been able to go, but I could still go – and go I did!


We spent the morning at the Tower of London and were blessed to be there at the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month 100 years after the start of WW1. We stared into a see of poppies, one for each of the 888,246 British deaths in the war. I saw a see of red, chosen to represent the blood that was shed on Flanders field, where Terry and I dreamt of going and at the Somme, where Terry and I paid our respects to the fallen in July. I saw the flowers representing those that were lost, but I am so aware of those that survived now that I, too, survive the one I love. I saw widows and parents who lost their children standing there in the moat and I wept for them. I wept for all of the lives that were lost, the many more that were forever altered, and I wept because Terry would have loved to have stood there and honoured the dead with me. I wept because I know that as he stood and stared at those poppies he would have been moved to tears. He was never afraid to shed tears. When the crowd observed two minutes of silence, I told Terry how I wished I had been able to share this moment with him and I felt his happiness that I was able to see it at all.

After an emotional start to the day, we went and saw the Crown Jewels, another thing that I have always wanted to do that I took the opportunity to do now as I’m unsure how many somedays I have left to see them. We had a delicious lunch nearby and then went and admired Big Ben and Buckingham Palace as I couldn’t send her back to the US without having seen them. I attempted to take selfies, but am rubbish at it, as you can see:

Why is Big Ben coming out of her head?
Not a lot of palace in this shot
Well, at least I got most of the palace…
London Bridge
There’s not actually a monument in this one at all

One thing that should be noted is that I am smiling in these pictures. Not a fake smile, but a genuine one, which takes me back to the title of this post – today was a good day. I introduced a good friend to London, we explored together and had a good time. And I smiled. This is huge and it gives me hope that I can find more reasons to smile in the future.


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