Alone Again

This morning, with a heavy heart, I drove my friend to London Heathrow to fly home, leaving me alone again. It was a sad goodbye, but I look forward to seeing her again the next time I fly home to visit my family – whenever that may be. I was quite proud of how well I held up watching her leave, but was feeling very sad on the drive home. Occupied by my own thoughts, I didn’t notice that I turned the wrong way off the motorway, and had to find somewhere to turn around. I was frustrated, but when I then turned back onto the motorway going in the wrong direction I started crying. Driving people to the airport, driving in general in England, was Terry’s job and it’s one of many things that I have to step up and do in his absence. Today I did an awful job of it and was so frustrated with myself, and a little bit at him for not being here to help, that I just burst into tears.

It wasn’t a great morning. I came home to an empty house but was pleased to find this awaiting me on my doorstep:


The girls in my form, called 8AKY, had all written me notes and they put them into this gorgeous book. Terry and I didn’t have any children, something that I find particularly hard to deal with at the moment. While I may not have any babies to my name, I do have 27 wonderful, wacky 12 year olds that I can call my own and who have lifted my very heavy heart today. Sure they misspelled my name, and one actually managed to misspell her own name, but I loved reading all of the notes, written in the colourful way that only a 12 year old girl can, looking at all of the pictures, and feeling of the love packed in between the colourful pages. Here are a few of my favourite bits, so you can see how amazing my girls are:



Thank you Harriet for reminding me that even at the age of 12 you are taller than me
Interesting spelling of Ninja’s name here

And so, even on horrible days, something perfectly lovely can come along and remind me that I have a reason to smile and to carry on. Tonight my glass of hot chocolate is most definitely half full.


One thought on “Alone Again

  1. […] They also piled presents and cards on top of me – so many that I had to ask some of them to help me carry them to my office! I was so overwhelmed by their presents that I nearly wept. In that moment I felt so very loved. I thanked them for the lovely presents and cards and most of all for the beautiful book that they had made for me. […]


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