Care Package Day

Today I have received not one, but TWO packages making today Care Package Day. Package number one is the first and only thing that I’ve spent the JustGiving money on, so thank you once again to all who donated. I spotted an Etsy shop on Pinterest that engraves notes from loved ones onto bangles. Anyone who has visited our home in past two years has seen this note that Terry wrote me to calm me down when he was away at a race that I then kept by the front door as a reminder to myself. When Terry died, that note became even more cherished and so I sent this in: IMG_1113.JPG And this morning received this in the mail: Terry Bracelet Needless to say, I LOVE this bracelet and could not be happier with how it turned out. It is a reminder of Terry and his love that I can have with me all the time. Cannot recommend this artist highly enough. That made today awesome already, so I was surprised at a knock on the door that brought me ANOTHER package. This one was from a dear friend from high school who sent me this awesomeness:

So much American goodness!
Ninja says thank you for the box!!

I have American cookies to eat, trashy TV to watch and THREE new books to read. Combined with pumpkin spice hot chocolate and pumpkin spice tea, I am feeling on top of the world. More than that, I feel super loved today. It’s like I received two giant hugs from the universe at the perfect time. Today I am thankful.


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