Be Thankful

Today is Thanksgiving – a day set aside to give thanks in the good ole US of A. For those of us who are grieving, it seems a far stretch; I did not wake up this morning feeling thankful, I woke up missing my husband. I strolled over to Starbucks to get my long awaited pumpkin spice latte – only to find out that they had sold out. Bummer. I went shopping for an hour and couldn’t find a single thing that I wanted. The weather stinks and it gets dark too early, these are all things that I have going against me. I fully expected to spend today sulking, but at the end of it I am thankful. Here’s why:

I miss my husband more than I can possibly say, but I am alive to celebrate Thanksgiving. That is enough for me to be thankful. I no longer take that for granted, nor should you.

I wish I could cook my husband a Thanksgiving feast, but I have friends who kindly offered to cook me Thanksgiving dinner so I didn’t have to celebrate alone. And by celebrate, I mean cry into a bottle of wine.

I didn’t get to buy a pumpkin spice latte, but I have enough disposable income to buy a cup of coffee when I feel like it.

I am celebrating Thanksgiving in a foreign country, but I have enough pumpkin flavoured goodness to get me through the next decade of Thanksgivings in England – thanks, June!

I didn’t get to celebrate Thanksgiving with my family in the states, but I have a happy, healthy family who loves me and technology makes it easy to spend at least part of the day speaking to them and seeing their wonderful faces. Love y’all!

It is really easy for me to feel sorry for myself, but the truth of the matter is that I have so much to be thankful for, even on the worst Thanksgiving of my entire life. Tonight I will go to sleep uncomfortably full, having eaten too much delicious food cooked by good friends, having spent hours talking to my wonderful family and in a warm bed with a roof above my head. Tonight I will go to sleep thankful for what I have, in spite of what I have lost.

I hope y’all are thankful and enjoying this time with your families, wherever they may be.


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