Happy HarryPottermas

It should come as no surprise that I am not looking forward to Christmas this year. Most days I just wrap myself in a blanket and pretend that it’s not Christmas-time. When I do leave my fortress of solitude home, I am sometimes surprised that there is so much Christmas cheer everywhere. Bah humbug is probably the most accurate expression of my sentiments this holiday season.

And so I’ve decided to not celebrate Christmas. This time of year Chez Benbow I will be celebrating HarryPottermas. Not heard of it? Let me explain my newly invented holiday and how I will be celebrating this year:

The first rule of HarryPottermas is wine. It can be mulled, rosy or white, HarryPottermas does not discriminate. Drinking from the bottle is not discouraged, but is considered an efficient way of reducing the pesky task of washing up. Secondly, while drinking wine, one watches the entire Harry Potter collection that you always meant to watch with your husband, but never got around to. You can watch them all back to back or one at a time, depending on whether or not you can get to sleep. If you’ve watched them all and Christmas still isn’t over, put them on again. HarryPottermas Tip: An extra bottle of wine helps you to forget that you’ve already watched the film.

HarryPottermas is a celebration of all emotions: want to yell boo at Dobby? Tis the season. Help yourself to sweets while watching the characters buy chocolate frogs? Wouldn’t expect anything less. Moved to tears while Harry Potter cries over Cedric Diggery’s body? Let them flow. Not feeling any emotions at all? Better pour yourself another glass of wine.

And so, with only 4 days left until the-holiday-who-shall-not -be-named you can find me on my couch celebrating HarryPottermas in a pair of sweatpants until the rest of it has blown over. There is no dress code to my holiday, but I find that it is most comfortable celebrated in whatever you slept in last night. Anyone care to join me?

From my family to yours on this HarryPottermas
Ninja’s drunk

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