What Goes Up…

…must come down, so they say. Remember when I worked out that I could be debt free in 4 years through careful budgeting and sheer determination? February was off to a very promising start until I logged into my bank account today to see if my deposit had been returned and noticed that the estate agents for our previous home had withdrawn rent for the entire month of February – £690 – with no notice and the deposit had still not been paid into my account. Because I wasn’t anticipating paying that rent – the rent for my current property didn’t go through due to insufficient funds.

My face when I saw my bank account today photo credit: MissBlythe via photopin cc

And so February’s optimism has been well and truly crushed – by the second. I have contacted the estate agents and they have promised to refund both my deposit and February’s rent. Here’s to hoping that this gets sorted soon and I can once again try to sort out my finances. Le sigh.


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