The Word is Out

March has been a pretty rubbish month, to be honest, and I’ll be happy when April arrives to save the day and hopefully bring me nice things. In March so far I have had to survive my husband’s thirty-first birthday, my fifth wedding anniversary and UK Mother’s Day. It seems like every time my heart begins to think about putting itself back together again after a difficult event the next one arrives and rips it apart again. March has been exhausting and the most difficult month since my husband died.

Luckily, one good thing did manage to happen in this most hideous of months: my monthly My Little Box that my sister bought for me for Christmas arrived and they appear to have been reading my blog, because this month’s theme was My Little Superbox. That’s right, I received a superhero themed box in the mail to supplement my new superpowers that I wrote about here.

What’s in a superpower themed box, you ask? Feast your eyes upon this awesomeness. I think I actually let out a little squeal of glee as I opened the box to reveal this:

Check out these goodies!

Inside is the monthly magazine, a tee-shirt that says I Believe I Can Fly (I haven’t quite gone that far yet, but I dig the sentiment), some Wonder Woman themed stickers,  a coral lip and cheek crayon, some Caudalie hand lotion and some Kersastase deep conditioner. Motivational tee shirt? Check. Bright lipstick? Check, check. Two of my favourite French beauty brands to pamper myself after a good sob session? It’s almost enough to make March ok. Almost.

My best Wonder Woman pose in my new tee shirt

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