I Paid Off A Student Loan Today!!!

I continue to dream of being debt free, but most days it seems like just that: a dream. How will I ever get out of debt on my teacher’s salary I wonder? December 2018 is three years and eight months away meaning 44 payments stand between me and debt-free (if everything goes according to plan, which it normally doesn’t). On good days that seems like no time at all, but on bad days it seems like an eternity. I hear people discussing exciting holidays, new cars, new homes and I can’t have any of those things for 44 months. That’s not necessarily true: I am choosing not to have any of those things for 44 months, may the Lord be with me.

What I’m getting at is that motivation is often hard to find. In my previous life, when I got the mid-month blues Terry was always there to cheer me up and to remind me of how brilliantly we were doing and how amazing it would be when we were finally debt free. It’s really depressing to go from being able to overpay each month’s student loan payments by $600 to barely being able to afford the minimum payments, but this is the hand that life has dealt me. I haven’t been posting monthly updates on my debt because I’m not able to pay much more than my minimum payments at the moment. However, this month I was able to pay off one of my private student loans and it feels GREAT!!! One exclamation point doesn’t even begin to describe how I feel looking at those few small words telling me paid in full underneath a loan with an interest rate of 9.25%. If there was a way to bottle up this feeling, I would so that I could open it again on those dark days where 44 months seems like forever.

I did use some of the Just Giving money to pay it off, so thank you once again to those of you who donated. Paying off one of my 14 students loans is the tiniest of steps towards being debt free, but it’s a step that I am so happy to have taken! Next month the slight overpayment that I am able to make will go towards the next private loan, and the same the month after until that one too reads paid in full. And hopefully one day I won’t even have to log onto my Student Loan account at all because I won’t owe a penny.

Dino Cake
At the very least, I deserve cake photo credit: Congratulasaur via photopin (license)

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