I Live With Spenders

My apologies for not posting for awhile, I got really sick last week and am still trying to get over this sore throat and cough. I have blamed each of my classes individually for getting me sick, but who knows?

Over the long holiday weekend that we recently enjoyed here in the rainy UK, my housemates and I decided to host a BBQ in our gorgeous backyard. The morning of the BBQ we made a joint grocery run to pick up supplies. As we were leaving I asked if they wanted to make a list of what we needed. No, we’ll just pick up anything we need, my housemates responded. I really think we should make a list guys, I tried, but they were insistent that it was unnecessary. To them perhaps, but a list is an essential part of my shopping these days. I don’t go shopping without lists, mainly because I used to go shopping without lists and I used to make really bad decisions.

I should clarify that my housemates are amazing. We get on really well and enjoy spending time together, which is why we were throwing this BBQ to begin with. I’m the frugal one in the house, which was immediately noticeable when I moved in. My housemates both enjoy going out a lot, whereas although I mostly go over my £100 social budget each month, it’s never by much. If I go away for a weekend, I’m in the rest of the month to balance it out. I have friends over for coffee and dinner rather than meeting up for drinks after work. I do everything I can to save money these days.

While walking through the supermarket we picked up the meat, paper plates and plastic cups that we had all agreed we needed, but then things got spendy. Things that we didn’t need just kept getting thrown in the shopping cart. Are you sure we need crayons and a coloring book? I questioned. Don’t we already have citronella candles at the house? That’s not actually a question, we have an entire pack of citronella candles at the house that we can use. You still want those ones? Ok….None of my questions changed my housemate’s decisions to buy things we didn’t need for the BBQ: how could they? They are spenders, just as I once was but the new saver me was slightly horrified at how much their bill came to. I remember spending a disproportionate amount of my income on silly things that I thought I needed only to be broke and unhappy at the end of the month. I used to think hosting a BBQ meant you needed loads of fun party things, but now I can appreciate that with good food, enough to drink and good music, the other details are arbitrary.

Shopping Cart

And, I should mention, although I don’t have any new crayons or the 96 leftover plastic shot glasses, I have money left in my bank account for some really fun adventures later on this month. Stay tuned.


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