Bold Is Beautiful March

Remember when I said I had some fun adventures coming up this month? Today I travelled down to London to meet up with my friend Jess to participate in Benefit’s Bold is Beautiful March around town to raise funds for two amazing charities: Refuge , a domestic violence charity and Look Good Feel Better, a charity that supports women undergoing cancer treatments to feel good about themselves. Having donated to both of these good causes to sign up for the race, Jess and I turned up at Cavendish Square at 10:00 this morning ready to go.

When we arrived, we were greeted with a goody bag containing a bright pink Benefit t-shirt, a Benefit make-up bag and a bottle of water. We then walked around London where we stopped at the Marble Arch to have our lashes done, then headed through Hyde Park to get to the Wellington Arch where we got some blusher and lipgloss and a super-cool pair of glasses and finally to Golden Square where we had a full-on makeover and received a pink cape. We then paraded back to Cavendish Square with our pink capes billowing behind us where we crossed the finish line, listened to music, ate some delicious cookies that we got for crossing the finish line and then had some superhero photos taken (seriously though, both Benefit and My Little Box have now affirmed my Superhero Theory).

Marble Arch
At the Marble Arch, our first stop of the day
I make this cape look good
Superhero Photo Shoot
This is what we superheroes look like behind the scenes

After the march, we had lunch in a nearby restaurant and ate some delicious cupcakes. Then we took advantage of the good weather and had a chat in the park before we both went our separate ways. I arrived back home in Northampton completely shattered but in such high spirits. Today I raised money for charity, got some good exercise while exploring new parts of London (one of my favourite cities in the world), ate some delicious food with a good friend and then came back home with some lovely new goodies – but no cookie. Today I had my picture taken as a superhero, which will be framed and put on my wall. There are some really not so nice parts to my life, but today I haven’t thought about any of those. Today I feel like the luckiest girl in the world to be able to go down to London for the day to meet up with friends and participate in an event that was only a glass of champagne away from being perfect for me.¬†Giving Looks Good, my new tote bag tells me, and I feel good as a result.


Now if you’ll excuse me I have some cookies to eat, a cape to wear and a world to save.


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