Weddings and Haircuts

It’s been an eventful week here in Modest Mandi-land, to say the least. First, on Friday I officially survived another half term of school and am only seven weeks from surviving this school year. Now that the sheer exhaustion has lifted I have a mixture of feelings: I am ready (and eager) for this school year to be over, but not looking forward to the next one beginning. Luckily I’m spending five weeks at home in Nashville this summer to ease the transition. If my sisters are successful in stealing my passport, I may not need to worry about starting the next school year at all…

I’ve been needing a haircut for a few months now. I’m not good at taking care of my hair and it’s really only ever an afterthought. Luckily, one of my housemates is a hairdresser and in exchange for dinner, she agreed to cut my hair. I can’t remember the last time I walked into a salon and asked for anything other than a trim and a refresh of the layers that I wear in my long hair. When my housemate asked what I wanted, I said ‘something different.’ Radically different? Coming from someone with purple hair, this struck fear into my old fashioned heart. ‘Perhaps not radically different, but a change is most definitely needed.’ So she chopped off 8” of my hair into a lob – that’s a long bob to those of us who are clueless about all things hair. This is the end result and I couldn’t be happier:


It’s different enough that I feel all fresh & new, but not so different that I don’t recognize myself. The students have been complimentary and if I know one thing about teenagers, it is that they are brutally honest with their opinions. I have to agree with my students that my hair looks well good. 

Yesterday I attended the wedding of a friend from the Peace Corps who was getting married in Oxford. This was my second wedding since Terry’s death (I attended the wedding of one of his cousins last month and quite literally ran out of the wedding sobbing) and I was a bit nervous about this one. I managed to make it through the entire reception dry eyed, of which I am really proud. As you can imagine, weddings are quite difficult for widows. After all, it wasn’t so long ago that Terry and I said similar vows to each other. It was with a heavy heart that I listened to the wedding vows and realized that I have fulfilled each and every one of them: I loved my husband for better and worse, for poorer with the plans of getting richer someday, in sickness and in health and I loved and cherished him every second until death did us part. When I told Terry that I would love him until death did us part I meant until we grow old together, but that wasn’t meant to be. 

with the beautiful bride

The wedding was absolutely gorgeous and I am so glad that I overcame my fears and attended. Although I knew no one there, I felt very special to be invited to part of their special day.

And so with a new haircut and having attended the wedding of a dear friend I find myself with an entire week of half-term in front of me. It’s going to be a good week.  


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