There are some serious changes taking place in my life at the moment. Terry’s death has taught me that there will always be changes in life: some wanted and others very much unwanted. I wish I could do something about the unwanted changes, but I just have to roll with the punches. I do, however, have some control over my life by making positive changes that are within my power to make. This week I have made two huge changes:

1. I applied for a promotion at work. This was really scary as it was a big step up, but it was a maternity cover within the Modern Languages department that just happened to pop up and when it did I realised that I wanted it. There was another member for my department who was PERFECT for the job and I was tempted to chicken out, but I applied in the end to get the experience. I was invited to an interview this morning and left feeling like I did a good job. I was later called back and told that I had interviewed well and they had created a new role for me within the department: I have been promoted to the Head of Key Stage 3 Languages at my school. What that means is that I am responsible for all language learning (French & Spanish at my school) in Year 7, 8 & 9, which equates to Middle School in the states.

2. I have signed up to run the Race for Life Half Marathon in London on 4 October. I have never run a half marathon, or anything more than a 5K so this is a huge challenge for me. My interest was peaked when another widow asked if anyone would be interested in running a marathon with her. I know I couldn’t handle that challenge, but I voiced an interest in the half marathon on the same day and we have been in touch since. I have just registered tonight and have bought myself some new running shoes as a reward for getting a promotion. I have set a fundraising target of £50 at if you’d like to make a donation. I’m rubbish at fundraising and have no lofty ambitions: i just want to finish the race. I don’t care how long it takes, I would rather not be last, but I just want to finish it. At the moment I have my doubts, but I have a good feeling about this and feel like it’s a challenge that I can and should do, although I can’t explain why I feel that way.

I am really pleased with both of these recent changes as they are active changes, not passive ones. I made these two things happen and to succeed, both require a lot of work. This will give me something to focus on as I approach the dreaded one year sadiversary of Terry’s death, mere days before I run my first half marathon. These changes are bittersweet as there is no one that I would rather celebrate them with than Terry, but I know that he’s cheering me on as always and I hope to make him oh so very proud.


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