Jogging On

I mentioned in my previous post that I have recently signed up to run a half marathon in October having not run in years. Although traditionally I have been a very thorough planner in all aspects of my life, since Terry died I have found myself to be much more impulsive, hence signing up for a race that I am not in shape enough to run. There have been a few signs that I may have bitten off more than i can chew since I entered the race:

1. I downloaded a training app where I entered my level of fitness (non-runner) and the race date. The app then refused to provide me with a training plan, informing me that the race date I had entered did not give me enough time to train properly. I then lied and said that I could already run 3 miles and the app happily gave me a training plan. I could not run three miles when I said this.

2. I went to a specialist shoe store to get measured for good running shoes. ‘What are you running?’ the salesman asked. A Half marathon. “When?” In October. “Great! What are you running at the moment?” I’m not actually running at the moment. ‘I would recommend that you give yourself a bit more time to train for a half marathon as a beginner, have you thought about entering a different race?” Nope. already entered this one. Which shoes would you recommend?

While buying the shoes, he asked me why I was so keen to throw myself into a half marathon. The truth is that another widow asked me to run with her and i feel like focusing on running will help me to survive the one year anniversary of my beloved husband’s death. All I could think of to say was it’s complicated.

Race For Life
This is what I’m training for. On race day I plan on being somewhere in the back. photo credit: York Race For Life 2015 via photopin (license)

In spite of these two warning signs, I have managed three seperate two-mile runs this week and tonight I will run three miles. It’s difficult, but each run a bit less so as my mind tries to convince my body that I can do this. My legs have been really sore this week although this weekend they are less so, which may be a sign of progress.

Thanks again to those of you who have already donated via my Just Giving page – I’ve already smashed my original fundraising goal of £50!!! I’ll be honest, if those donations hadn’t been made I would be trying to wriggle my way out of this one, but I’ve already raised some money and that is really helping to keep me going on these runs that my body is not even close to excited about doing.

I’ll keep y’all posted as I continue my training. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have three miles to run.


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