A Tale of Two Birchboxes

As the sadiversary approaches, I’ve had Birchbox on my mind. The last thing that Terry ever bought me was a six-month subscription to Birchbox and a bottle of Phillip Kingsley Elasticizer for my 29th birthday two months before he died. I had not renewed my Birchbox subscription after we pledged to not spend any money for a year to pay off our debts and he said he’d rather not listen to me complaining about not having any more Birchboxes for the rest of the year so he renewed my subscription for me. When my last box arrived in January, four months after Terry died, I cried as I would never again receive a present from him. As I approach surviving the first, horrible year of widowhood, I find myself thinking that I deserve a medal. I should get one of those for completing my first half marathon next weekend, but I also deserve a special something to recognise this unwanted milestone. I  bought myself a few treats in Birmingham last weekend while out with friends but ever since I heard that Birchbox had set up a pop-up boutique in Selfridge’s in London I’ve had my eye on buying myself a Birchbox from Terry as a treat for the sadiversary. The boutique shuts the 28 September and so when I arranged to meet my friend Erin in London I asked that she meet me at the Birchbox shop in Selfridges.

The Birchbox shop at Selfridges
Birchbox #1

While I was picking the six samples to create my own custom Birchbox I received a text from my housemate that a package had arrived for me. While having a lovely day out with a friend on the most beautiful day that September has yet offered us here in the UK, I forgot about the package until I arrived home this evening to find this:

The Mysterious Package
Birchbox #2

In addition to the pop-up boutique in London, Birchbox’s website has offered a Birchbox x Selfridges limited edition box for those who can’t get to London. I recognised it immediately as I had eyed it up on multiple occasions before I ended up travelling to London this weekend. Also in the box were a lovely scented lotion and a gorgeous bar of French soap. At first I thought that I had caved in to temptation and somehow forgotten about it – this is completely within the realm of possibilities these days – but I checked my bank account and I did not buy anything from Birchbox this month. I have no idea who sent this box to me – Erin is convinced it’s from Terry and I’m not entirely sure she’s wrong. But somehow I started the day with no Birchboxes and have ended up with two as an ultimate surprise! The contents of each box are different but equally gorgeous and I can’t believe how lucky I am to have so many goodies to pamper myself with on the rough nights ahead. image-3 To whoever my Birchbox angel is, thank you for this lovely gift. I know it’s not from really from Terry, but he would be so pleased that something nice has happened for me having watched me struggle so much this month. image-4


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