Hi! My name’s Mandi, however I’m not actually very modest. My love of shopping, coffee and traveling, as well as a long-distance relationship of five and a half years and an Oxford education led to my husband and I finding ourselves nearly £50,000 in debt! To remedy this, we decided to just stop spending money and throw every cent at our debt until it’s gone beginning in March 2014. Seven months later, we had paid off nearly £10,000 ($16,000).

Unfortunately, seven months into our year of no spending my beloved husband, who I moved to the UK to be with, died suddenly of an aggressive strain of bacterial meningitis. Although I still long to be debt free, my husband’s death has put everything on hold as I must face a future without him. This blog now serves as an outlet for me to attempt process my grief and as I attempt to build a new plan to pay off my debt.


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